Underpinninig Footings/Grade Beams Wall Piers
Slab On Grade Post-Tensioned Slab On Grade Reinforced Mats
One-Way Flat One-Way Joists Two-Way Waffle
Post-Tensioned Pre-Stressed/Pre-Cast Metal Pan
Retaining Walls Handicap Ramps Sidewalks

As experts in the field of concrete restoration, we understand the pitfalls of poor construction and design and its effect on unprotected concrete. Inadequate concrete strength, improperly protected cables, poor concrete consolidation and placement, and lack of protective coatings, all aid in its gradual deterioration. Working together with architects, engineers, building owners and managers, we can help clients extend the life of their concrete by elimating potential problems from the outset. From superstructures to walkways, our concrete construction group individually tailors every project to maximize efficiency and performance thereby lowering costs.

SCS is comprised of a large team of skilled workers who specialize in different areas of concrete repair, protection and construction. Each and every one is OSHA-trained for safety, allowing us to meet and exceed industry regulations and expectations time and time again. What's more, we provide continuing education to keep our work force up-to-date on products, technology, techniques and applications. Equipped with this arsenal of skilled labor, state-of-the-art equipment and years of hands-on expertise, SCS provides timely solutions and expert execution for any concrete problem.