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An indispensable building material, concrete is made up of cement, aggregate and water. When mixed with precision and care it becomes an unequaled compressive material, capable of supporting tremendous loads. Because concrete cannot withstand tension, steel (rebar) must be used for tensile strength. Under the right conditions, concrete and steel are a perfect match. But when left vulnerable to environmental elements such as de-icing salts,carbon dioxide and water, the concrete encased steel will rapidly corrode, causing cracking, spalling and structural stress.

While cosmetic service patches applied to concrete may hide unsightly cracks and holes, they often just mask greater structural defects. SCS specialists never rely on a cosmetic patch to solve a hidden problem. First, deteriorated and delaminated concrete is removed to a sound substrate. Next, the concrete and steel are thoroughly cleaned in order to remove bond inhibiting corrosion. This provides good capillary interlock between the substrate and repair material, ensuring an excellent bond with the steel and protection from future corrosion.

After the concrete has been properly prepared SCS can offer an array of repair solutions. Among these is a specialized repair technique called "Form and Pump". This procedure utilizes our customized pumping equipment which is not readily available with other contractors. A more common repair technique is the "Trowel Repair", which is not generally recommended for deep repair, as it does not produce the same level of consolidation between concrete and steel. This less costly repair may result in higher future repair bills or dangerous safety issues later. The above repair technique can be used on cast-in-place. metal pan, pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete structures. Our skilled workers also perform post-tensioned cable repairs. Here, failed cables can be spliced or re-tensioned, and end anchorages may be replaced.

Parking garages, plaza decks, wherever there's concrete, the SCS team of specialists is ready around the clock to evaluate and remedy any problem. We do it quickly and efficently, with respect to the enviroment and surroundings. Because we work in real life situations, we attempt to minimize any inconveniences, maximize safety and meet each client's budget requirements every step of the way.