Penetration Grouting Mini-Piles
Compaction Grouting Helical Screw Piles
Mud-Jacking Underpinning
Void Grouting    

A structure is only as sound as the soil upon which it rests. Soil that is
poorly consolidated may cause a slab or foundation to settle, resulting
in voids and cracks. We utilize detailed field evaluations, which determine
the soil type and scope of work. The soil composition will determine the
stabilization technique to be used. When dealing with grout, what goes up,
stays up. For this reason, soil stabilization techniques require precision,
accuracy and sophisticated technology. Pumping even a little too much
grout can result in over-jacking, causing concrete to heave and crack.
SCS utilizes customized pumps that are calibrated to spoon-feed grout in
any required increment. That allows our grouting specialists to stop on
a dime when necessary, avoiding over-jacking.